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⚡ May the Fourth be Awesöme! ⚡ 

Golden Session 50 Fundraiser

On Friday May 5, 2017, Awesöme Orchestra will hold its 50th free open session, and we're celebrating with a 24-hr fundraising drive the day before! The fundraiser will be ONLY open from midnight to midnight on Thursday May 4, 2017 (check back for a link to donate). We have a goal of $5000, which will help facilitate all the fantastic events and sessions we have planned for the remainder of 2017. YOU can make this happen! Awesöme Orchestra is deeply grateful for all donations, but we strongly encourage you to consider making a recurring monthly donation at $5 a month. Even in small installments, recurring donations can make an enormous impact on the strength of an organization.

The involvement and generosity of both our dedicated audience members and musicians is what's gotten Awesöme Orchestra to its 50th session. With your help, we can get to our 100th!

A little friendly rivalry to spark competition:

Your donation can be made on behalf of a section of the orchestra (strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion) by mentioning it in the "message of support" on the payment page. The section that donates the most wins the chance to choose a piece for an upcoming session! (Only one section can be selected per donation. However, if you REALLY want to vote for multiple sections, you're welcome to make multiple donations!)

Other prizes:

  • The donation that gets us to the $500 mark wins an Awesöme Orchestra t-shirt.
  • The donation that gets us to the $5000 mark wins the opportunity to conduct the orchestra at an upcoming session.

About us:

Awesöme Orchestra Collective brings together Bay Area music-lovers for orchestral adventures. We hold drop-in reading sessions that are open to all musicians, and free for everybody. Together, we're creating a new model for community engagement by representing, serving, and inspiring our communities by removing barriers of accessibility.

Don't forget to join us for our GOLDEN 50th Session

Friday, May 5, 7-10 PM at Brooklyn Preserve!

And thanks for visiting! ⚡Please come back on Thursday, May 4⚡ to participate in our awesome fundraiser!