• Freight & Salvage (map)

Sunday, December 8 from 7pm - 9pm

Full details and rep TBA
Musicians will be required to attend 3 rehearsals beforehand

To close out our 2019, we'll be back at Freight & Salvage for our fifth annual End-of-Year Concert on Sunday, December 8. We'll be playing a diverse selection of highlights from our 2019 Open Sessions, but this time we'll actually rehearse! More details and full repertoire coming soon.

Musicians will be required to attend three rehearsals prior to the End-of-Year Concert. Due to limited space at the venue and instrumentation needs of each piece, participation is at the discretion of each section's ambassador(s) and not through the normal open sign up form. If you wish to be considered, please contact your section's Awesöme Ambassadors.