We're thrilled to be reuniting with UnderCover Presents – the organization that hosts epic concerts covering an entire album, with a different Bay Area group playing each song.

February 19 at the Fox Theater in Oakland
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  • Performance is Friday February 19, at 7:45pm sharp, with us going on for the last few songs. We'll probably be done around 11pm again, realistically going on around 10:30ish.


  • There is a required rehearsal on Saturday, February 13 at Fantasy Studios, studio D: 

    12:00-1:30pm is "Emenius Sleepus" with Casey Crescenzo (Moschler conducting)

    1:30-3:00pm is "FOD" with members of TILT (McCune conducting)


  •  "Emenius Sleepus" will be a chamber version of AOC, but we're opening up "FOD" to a larger group. Email your ambassador by Monday, January 25 if you think you want to play.


  • The day of the show (Friday, Feb. 19) has an extended soundcheck at the Fox Theater. I know this is tricky for folks with day jobs, but please do what you can to be there if at all possible.

   Friday, Feb 19
   The Fox Theater, Oakland

   2:40pm - arrive and load in

   3:40pm-4:20pm - soundcheck for "Emenius Sleepus"

   4:50-5:20pm - soundcheck for "FOD"

   5:40pm - encore rehearsal ("All By Myself" - everyone)

   6pm - dinner (provided)

   7pm - doors open

   7:45pm showtime! (we'll go on probably around 10pm after 11 other amazing bands you don't wanna miss!)


  • Sheet music is on Google Drive here. Parts are provided at rehearsal, but due to space constraints, we need folks to memorize their parts again. This decision was not made lightly - we've done it before and we'll make it work and the parts aren't that impossible. It's going to be fun! 


  • Food and drinks are provided for everyone all day. Comps are very limited, but Undercover always needs volunteers who get to see the show for free. 


  • Ambassadors can talk about this in detail, but there is a relatively small honorarium for all who participate. You'll have the option to receive it, or donate it to AO.


Contact your Awesöme Ambassador if you want to play