by Andrew Gilbert
Decemeber 1, 2017


Awesöme Orchestra mourns and celebrates at the Freight

In the weeks after the death of 36 people in Oakland’s devastating Ghost Ship fire last Dec. 2, flutist Arturo Rodriguez started composing “Requiem Without Words” in an effort to come to terms with the loss of several friends and colleagues. As a section leader, or “ambassador” in the Awesöme Orchestra Collective, he approached David Möschler about bringing the new work to the group...

by Creo Noveno, Chloe Veltman
August 2, 2017

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Ghost Ship Victims Live On in 'Requiem Without Words'

Last December’s Ghost Ship warehouse fire covered the Bay Area with grief. But the fierce unity that grew in its wake forged a sense of community, and inspired composer and Pittsburg resident Arturo Rodriguez to create a requiem mass to honor the 36 victims who died in the blaze and reflect on the resilience of Oakland's creative life. "I thought of it more as a noble statement to them than a sad one," Rodriguez says.
A section of Rodriguez’s new Requiem Sinfonica (Requiem Without Words)premiered at Awesome Orchestra Collective’s open session outside the Oakland Public Library Tuesday evening...