A Tribe Called Quest - “Stir It Up (Steve Biko)” * (arr. B. McCune)

A Tribe Called Quest - “Award Tour” * (arr. B. McCune)

Adams, John - Grand Pianola Music

Adams, John - Lollapalooza

Adams, JohnShort Ride in a Fast Machine

Aivi and Surasshu - “Pocket Universe” from The Black Box * (arr. A. Van Gils)

Albéniz, Isaac - Leyenda (arr. M. Montgomery)

Anderson, Big Al - “A Better Word for Love” (arr. M. Montgomery)

Antonini, Marco Valerio - Butterfly's Metamorphosis *

Bach, J. S. - Prelude from Partitita No. 3 in E Major (arr. T. Kalam)    

Bacharach, BurtPromises, Promises (vocal selections)

Badalamenti, Angelo - Suite from Twin Peaks (arr. K. Landrum, J. Landingin)

Bartók, Béla - Romanian Dances

The Beach Boys - “God Only Knows” (arr. B. Strader)

The Beatles - "A Day in the Life" * (arr. B. Emberly)

The Beatles - "Let It Be" * (arr. B. McCune)

Beats Antique - A Thousand Faces Act II * (arr. B. McCune)

Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Piano Concerto No. 4

Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Symphony No. 5 in C minor

Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Symphony No. 7 in A major

Berlioz, Hector - Roman Carnival Overture

Berlioz, HectorSymphonie Fantastique

Bernstein, Leonard - Ballet at the Village Vortex from Wonderful Town

Bernstein, Leonard - "Make Our Garden Grow" from Candide

Bernstein, Leonard - Overture to Candide

Bernstein, LeonardSlava!

Bernstein, LeonardWest Side Story: Symphonic Dances

Bernstein, Leonard - West Side Story (vocal selections)

Bertrand, Jacob The Cloud Gatherer *

Bizet, Georges - Carmen Suite No. 1

Björk - "New World" from Dancer in the Dark (arr. V. Tadepalli)

Black Flag - "Wasted" * (arr. B, Rosen)

Bradlee, Scott - "Blue Cat Blues" from Tom and Jerry

Brahms, Johannes - Academic Festival Overture

Brahms, Johannes - Symphony No. 1 in C

Brahms, Johannes - Tragic Overture

Brahms, Johannes - Variations on a Theme from Haydn

Britten, Benjamin - Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes

Britten, Benjamin - The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Carmichael, Hoagy - “Georgia On My Mind” (arr. R. Walsh)

Cellista - "Look Homeward, Angel" (arr. C. Barrett) *

Chopin, Frédéric - Andante Spianato and Grande polonaise brillante

Conde, Alex - Flamenco Piano Concerto *

Copland, AaronAppalachian Spring

Copland, AaronFanfare for the Common Man

Copland, Aaron - "Hoe-Down" from Rodeo

Courage, Alex - Main Theme from Star Trek The Original Series (arr. J. A. de Los Santos)

Crescenzo, Casey  - Symphony No. 1 "Amour & Attrition" *

Daft PunkRandom Access Memories * (medley arr. J. Icban)

Daft Punk - selections from TRON: Legacy * (arr. A. Verdier)

The Dead Kennedys - "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" (arr. T. Goss)

The Dead Kennedys - "Also Sprach Cambodia" (arr. M. Henry)

Debussy, ClaudeLa Mer

Delibes, Leo - Cortege de Bacchus from Sylvia Suite

Djawadi, Ramin - Main Theme from Game of Thrones (arr. D. Epperson)

Dukas, Paul - Fanfare to La Peri

Dukas, PaulThe Sorcerer's Apprentice

Dvořák, Antonín - Carnival Overture, Op. 92

Dvořák, Antonín - Hungarian Dances No. 2

Dvořák, Antonín - Serenade in D minor for Winds

Dvořák, Antonín - Symphony No. 9

Edwards, Sekayi - Runners *

Elfman, Danny - Suite from The Nightmare Before Christmas (arr. M. MacKenzie)

Elfman, DannyThe Simpsons Main Theme (arr. A. Clausen)

Elgar, Edward - Serenade for Strings

Ellington, Duke - “A Tribute To The Duke" (arr. S. Nestico)

Follin, Tim - Akrillic from PLOK * (arr. P. Watkins)

French, Mark - Theme from a Pirate Film * (arr. S. Baggott)

Fuentes, Ruben - La Bikina (arr. R. Biagi)

Gameros, Diana - "En Juárez" (arr. B. McCune)

Gameros, Diana - "SB 1070" * (arr. Y. Holzwarth)

George, InaraAn Invitation (arr. V. Dyke Parks)

Gershwin, GeorgeRhapsody in Blue (arr. F. Grofe)

Gershwin, George - selections from Porgy and Bess (arr. R. Bennett)

Ginastera, Alberto - Estancia Ballet Suita: Malambo "Danza Final"

Glass, Philip The Canyon

Glass, Philip - Symphony No. 4

Goldsmith, Jerry - Star Trek: The Next Generation main theme (arr. C. Custer)

Grainger, Percy - Lincolnshire Posy

Green Day - "Emenius Sleepus" * (arr. B. McCune)

Green Day - "F.O.D." * (arr. B. McCune)

Grofe, Ferde - Mississippi Suite (arr. R. Bennett)

Hadero, Meklit - "Waiting for Earthquakes" * (arr. A. Azul)

Hailstork, Adolphus - Celebration!

Hayes, Isaac - Theme from Shaft (arr. L. Moore)

Herrera, Alex - Orchestral Suite *

Herrmann, Bernard - Vertigo Suite (arr. D. Epperson)

Hisaishi, Joe - Princess Mononoke Suite

Holst, Gustav - First Suite in E-flat for Military Band

Holst, GustavThe Planets

Holst, Gustav - The Planets: Re-imagined (arr. J. Levy)

Horner, James - "The Great Migration" from The Land Before Time *(arr. B. McCune)

Iggy Pop - "Lust for Life" (arr. R. Dehlinger)

Jackson, Michael - “Bad” (arr. V. Tadepalli)

Jackson, Michael - “Beat It” (arr. V. Tadepalli)

Jackson, Michael - “Billie Jean” (arr. V. Tadepalli)

Jackson, Michael - “Man in the Mirror” (arr. B. McCune) *

Jackson, Michael - “Thriller” (arr. Vamsi Tadepalli)

Jenkins, David - "Boston" from Twelve * (arr. B. McCune) 

Johnson, Buddy - “Since I Fell for You” (arr. R. Walsh)

Jones, Feona Lee - Symphony No. 1

Kay, Carletta Sue - "Some Famous Landmarks" * (arr. A. Van Gils) 

Kev Choice - "Born Conquerers" * (arr. M. Godoy)

Kev Choice - "Forever Again" * (arr. T. Raven)

Kev Choice - "Golden Chariots" * (arr. M. Godoy)

Kev Choice - "Shed Light" * (arr. T. Raven)

Kev Choice - Soul Restoration Suite * (arr. J. Eckls / D. Lee)

Kim, JooWan - Eudaimonia *

Kim, JooWan - Malcolm X: A Hip-Hop Oratorio *

Kondo, Koji - Super Mario Brothers medley (arr. N. Raines)

Kondo, Koji - Super Smash Brothers medley * (arr. O. Hannum)

Kondo, Koji - The Legend of Zelda Suite (arr. N. Raines)

Korngold, Erich - Suite from Robin Hood (excerpts)

Larsen, Libby - Overture for the end of a Century

Lauridsen, Morten - O Magnum Mysterium

Lloyd Webber, Andrew - The Phantom of the Opera medley (C. Custer)

Mahler, Gustav - Symphony No. 1 in D

Márquez, Arturo - Danzón No. 2

McCune, Brian Adam - Aquatic Refuge

McCune, Brian Adam - The Potions Master *

McCune, Brian Adam - The Riddler

McCune, Brian AdamTransylvania *

Mendelssohn, Felix - Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream

Miller, Julie - I Can't Get Over You (arr. M. Montgomery)

MoeTar - “Join the Parade” * & “You Only Get This Life" * (arr. T. Ragab, B. McCune)

Montgomery, Matt - “On Its Way” *

Montgomery, MattPetty Troubles (arr. B. McCune)

Morricone, Ennio - Ecstasy of Gold

Mozart, W. A. - "Non So Piu" from Marriage of Figaro

Mozart, W. A. - Overture to Marriage of Figaro

Mozart, W. A. - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter"

Mussorgsky, Modest - A Night On Bald Mountain

Mussorgsky, ModestPictures at an Exhibition (arr. M. Ravel)

Newman, Alfred - 20th Century Fox Fanfare

Nilsson, Harry - "He Needs Me" (arr. V. D. Parks)

Nilsson, Harry - "Life Line" * (arr. G. Tipton, B. Halvorson)

Nilsson, Harry - "Salmon Falls" from Duit on Mon Dei (arr. P. Botkin)

Orff, Carl - Carmina Burana (excerpts)

Palette Swap Ninja - song selections from Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans * (arr. B. Emberly, B. McCune)

Parks, Van Dyke - song selections from Jump and Cowboy

Patterson, Shawn with The Lonely Island - "Everything Is Awesome" from The Lego Movie (arr. J. Eckl)

Piazzolla, Astor - Adios Nonino (arr. M. Montgomery)

Piazzolla, Astor - Libertango (arr. R. Pereira)

Prokofiev, SergeiPeter and the Wolf

Prokofiev, SergeiRomeo and Juliet Orchestral Suites No. 1 and 2

Rachmaninoff, Sergei - Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor

Ravel, Maurice Bolero

Reich, Steve - Four Sections for Orchestra

Respighi, Ottorino Fountains of Rome

Respighi, OttorinoPines of Rome

Revueltas, Silvestre - Sensemayá

Riley, Terry - In C

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai- Capriccio Espagnol

Rodgers, RichardThe Carousel Waltz (arr. D. Walker)

Rodriguez, Arturo - Kyrie *, Introit *, Pie Jesu *, Agnus Dei * from Requiem Without Words

Rota, Nino - The Godfather Suite

Saint-Saëns, Camille - Carnival of the Animals

Saint-Saëns, Camille - Danse Macabre

Sandoval, Arturo - “A Time For Love” (arr. J. Calandrelli)

Schifrin, Lalo - Original theme from Mission: Impossible (arr. B. McCune)

Schubert, Franz - Mass No. 2

Shelby, MarcusBrown Dreams *

Shore, Howard - The Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings

Shostakovich, Dmitri - Festive Overture

Sibelius, Jean - Symphony No. 3, op. 52

Silvestri, Alan Back to the Future medley

Silvestri, AlanBack to the Future Trilogy Suite

Silvestri, AlanForrest Gump Suite

Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Carcass" (arr. T. Goss)

Sly and the Family Stone - "Stand!" * (arr. B. McCune)

Smith, KaitlynAvian Adventure *

Smyth, Dame Ethyl - Overture to The Wreckers

Sondheim, Stephen - "Sunday" from Sunday in the Park with George (arr. J. R. Brown)

Southard, Keane - No Interior do Rio De Janeiro *

Stein, Alex - The Ballade of the Stepmother *

Steiner, Max - “Tara's Theme” from Gone With The Wind

Still, William Grant - Dismal Swamp

Stravinsky, Igor - The Firebird Suite (1919)

Stravinsky, Igor - Petruschka (1911)

Tadepalli, Vamsi Lord of Chaos *

Takahashi, Asuka - Marginal No. 4

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich - Marche Slave

Theis, Adam - "A Bum in S.F." * (arr. B. McCune)

Thaler, Les - selections from The Devil Loves A Comedy *

Torke, Michael - Bright Blue Music

Uematsu, Nobuo - Final Fantasy Suite * (arr. A. Rodriguez)

Van Gils, Alex - Concerto for Alto Saxophone *

Verotta, Davide - To The Point *

Vivaldi, Antonio - Guitar Concerto in D Major

de Vorzon, Barry - Theme from S.W.A.T.

Wagner, Richard - Siegfried Idyll

Wagner, Richard - Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin

Williams, John - E.T.: Adventures On Earth

Williams, John - “The Asteroid Field” from The Empire Strikes Back

Williams, John - "The Forest Battle" from The Return of the Jedi

Williams, John - "Flight to Neverland" from Hook

Williams, John - Jurassic Park

Williams, John - "Hedwig's Theme", "Aunt Marge's Waltz", "The Knight Bus" from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Williams, John - Olympic Fanfare

Williams, John - “Raiders March” from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Williams, John Star Wars Suite

Williams, John - Superman March

Williamson, James - Night Theme * (arr. M. Culbertson)

Wonder, Stevie - "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" * (arr. W. Barker)

X - "Los Angeles" (arr. T. Hesla)

Yu, Joon-Suc - Waltz No. 2 *