Our mission is to make awesome orchestral adventures accessible to players and the public.

Our vision is to create a new model for orchestras to represent, serve, and inspire their communities.

Awesöme Orchestra Collective brings together Bay Area music-lovers for orchestral adventures. We hold drop-in reading sessions that are open to all musicians, and free for everybody.

Almost anyone can enjoy the unique collective energy of an orchestra. Yet the experience of attending a typical symphony concerts feels unreachable for many people. Whether it’s the price, the formality, or the repertoire, there are many barriers to entry for audiences. Our free, open sessions aim to remove as many of those barriers as possible. They are free, fun, relaxed, and diversely programmed.

It can also be difficult for musicians to have an opportunity to play in an orchestra. There are many local musicians who want to join an orchestra, but lack the time for a regular rehearsal commitment, or feel too intimidated to audition for even a community orchestra. Our open sessions create a welcoming environment for all musicians.

We strive for accessibility, community, and excellence in all that we do. We believe music sounds better when everybody is having a good time.

We are a non-profit CORE Member of the Intersection for the Arts. Learn more about how to support Awesöme Orchestra.